Real Certified Pega Business Architect PEGACPBA74V1 Exam Questions And Answers

Pegasystems Certified Pega Business Architect Certification exam is also known as Certified Pega Business Architect (CPBA) 74V1 exam. With the updated PEGACPBA74V1 exam questions and answers, TestsLeader has assembled to take you through 50 Q&As to prepare you for your PEGACPBA74V1 Exam. In the PEGACPBA74V1 exam dumps, you will cover all the essentials of Certified Pega Business Architect PEGACPBA74V1 exam, which will make you successful in PEGACPBA74V1 Exam.

Vendor Pegasystems
Exam Code PEGACPBA74V1
Full Exam Name Certified Pega Business Architect (CPBA) 74V1
Certification Name Certified Pega Business Architect

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Version: 8.0
Question: 1

You configure a service level to adjust assignment urgency to 100 when the goal interval lapses. How
does the assignment urgency impact the deadline and passed intervals?

A. The user is notified that the maximum urgency value has been reached.
B. Urgency value remains at 100, but other service level processing continues.
C. Urgency value continues to increment as configured.
D. Service level processing is halted until the assignment is completed.

Answer: B

Question: 2

In a purchase order case the vendor assigned might not respond to a customer’s query in the desired
amount of time required by policy. The vendor must respond within the time required according to
Both the vendor and customer should be notified at each milestone.
To satisfy this requirement, create a service level that specifies two of the following options. (Choose

A. Set the goal to be the required response time based on policy and send notifications to both
B. Set the deadline to be the desired response time based on policy and sends notifications to both
C. Set the deadline to be the required response time based on policy and send notifications to both
D. Set the goal to be the desired response time based on policy and send notifications to both

Answer: CD

Question: 3

A purchase request case is created by an employee. After submitting, the case is assigned to the
manager for review. If approved, the case is assigned to the Accounts Payable department where an
agent will review and, pending audit, will approve payment.
To determine what type of routing to apply to each assignment, what question do you ask yourself?

A. Is any special correspondence needed?
B. Can the work be delegated to other users?
C. How long does the work take to complete?
D. Who should do the work?

Answer: D

Question: 4

A survey is sent to a customer via email.
How do you configure a solution to ensure the email includes the case ID for the survey?

A. Use the Insert Property feature of a Send Email step to add the case ID when composing the
message dialog.
B. Create a process using the Send Email step allowing representatives to quickly add the case ID to
the email.
C. Delegate a business rule so representatives can customize the email content as needed on a caseby-case basis.
D. Create a required field for the case ID that must be entered by a user during the case process prior
to sending the survey.

Answer: A

Question: 5

In the following partial case life cycle, a manager must contact a job applicant to schedule an
interview. The interview should be scheduled within 2 business days after the manager qualifies the
applicant, although 1 business day is preferable.
To meet this requirement, you apply a goal and deadline to the ______________.

A. Case type
B. Schedule Interview process
C. Interview stage
D. Schedule Interview step

Answer: D

Question: 6

When processing an auto accident claim, the system requires three approvals: Approval from the
adjuster who inspected the car, approval from the medical administrator who provided medical care
to the insured, and approval From the insurance agent who verified the claim.
How do you implement this requirement so each approver can work independently?

A. Create three assignments and route to the appropriate approver.
B. Create an approval step with cascading approval.
C. Route to a workbasket where all three roles have access.
D. Create business logic to route to the different approvers.

Answer: A

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